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Antioch College is a place where new and better ways of living are discovered through rigorous study and experiential learning. 

Antioch students graduate with a healthy resume, solid work experience, a fascinating story of adventure, and an ability to apply what they've learned in a real world context. Here are our stories.


Artistic Skill, Creative Work, and Art Philosophy in Phoenix

Written By: 

Tatiana Benally '16

Throughout my co-op I have been working with artists Averian Chee and Jeff Slim of the Black Sheep Art Collective in Phoenix. Recently, each artist had an art opening to prepare for, so I helped on many different aspects of the show. I helped each artist market the show by writing about it, creating the fliers, and publicizing the event through various social networks and community spaces. Aside from these two separate shows there were other marketing and publicity projects.  I helped develop a presence in the city by helping make prints and screen printing shirts.


Experiential Learning as a Catholic Worker: Serving Immigrants and Refugees in Houston

Written By: 

Charlotte Pulitzer '16

For my third co-op experience, I decided to live as a Catholic Worker at Casa Juan Diego in Houston, Texas. This came as a big surprise to my friends, my family, and especially myself, because not only am I not Catholic, but I am also "allergic" to the city life. That being said, I admired the work and dedication Casa Juan Diego was doing in order to help newly arrived undocumented immigrants into the U.S.


What is Community Service? An Example by Rachel Hale

Written By: 

Rachel Hale '16

What is community service? If you look in the dictionary it is classified as a noun; nonetheless, if you look outside into the world of the communities who are being served you will see a verb, an action being carried out with great impact and heart from those organizing it. Lighthouse is a community service organization whose goal is similar to its name.


Learning about Sardinian Delicacies at a Chicago Import Company

Written By: 

Emma Persico '16

Just off the coast of the Italian Peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea, a cluster of rocks, dating from the Paleozoic Era, have clustered to form the island of Sardinia. An autonomous region of Italy, the island is home to 1.6 million people (ISTAT, 2011) and calls the town of Cagliari its capital. Sardinia is composed of rocky coasts, inlets and a number of headlands, all of which rise up from the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. Along with beautiful scenery, Sardinia boasts a number of unique food and wine delicacies.


Back to High School: Language Education in the Bolivian Andes

Written By: 

Charlotte Blair '16

I never particularly wanted to go back to high school, but here I am. Back in public high school. Bolivian public high school. I just finished my third week teaching English in Sorata, Bolivia and I can say with full confidence that I am learning more than I ever did when I was actually in high school. Sorata is the kind of town where everyone knows everyone and many people are related in one way or another. Almost everyone here speaks Aymara (an indigenous language common to the area) and Spanish is, to many, learned as a second language.


Discovering the Power of the Arts in Peñasco

Written By: 

Lillian Burke

This fall quarter I am co-oping in Peñasco, New Mexico at the Peñasco Theater Collective. (Check out their website here How do I succinctly describe the Peñasco Theater Collective and their mission? In short, they are Alessandra Ogren, Rebekah Tarín, and Serena Rascón, a group of both visual and performance artists who live and work here at the theater. Although they host resident artists and have live performances in the theater, I would say their biggest focus right now is their youth programing and education.


Experiencing Intentional Community: Koinonia Farm

Before I enrolled at Antioch, I had developed a growing interest in intentional community. I was specifically inspired by the new monastic movement [as described by Jonathon Wilson Hartgrove and Shane Claiborne], which promotes a life of community, solidarity with the poor, non-violence and peacemaking, care of the earth, contemplative practice, and radical sharing of economic resources. I stumbled across several different communities that held these values, including Koinonia Farm in Georgia [].


Learning by Doing at Buen Dia Family School- Trinica Sampson

Buen Dia Family School prides itself on creating a safe and nurturing environment for preschool children to explore and grow. Due to its location in a primarily Hispanic neighborhood, Buen Dia’s curriculum has a bilingual aspect, and most of the children enrolled can speak at least English and Spanish. The school provides the opportunity for its students to learn about cultures different from their own that they may not have had exposure to previously.


Learning to Lead in the Food Movement

Written By: 

Diana Harvey

I believe a movement has started; a shift in how people think about their food and the type of food they are eating.  - Diana Harvey at Nature's Grocers by Vitamin Cottage