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Antioch College is a place where new and better ways of living are discovered through rigorous study and experiential learning. 

Antioch students graduate with a healthy resume, solid work experience, a fascinating story of adventure, and an ability to apply what they've learned in a real world context. Here are our stories.


Grassroots Community Foundation, North Star Fund in New York

Written By: 

Guy Mathews

I  am currently working for the North Star Fund in New York. They are a grassroots community foundation which has supported other grassroots groups that have led the movement for social justice since 1979. They organize donors, raise money for and allocate grants, and provide technical assistance to organizations.


Finney Farm, an intentional community in Concrete, Washington

Written By: 

Marianthe Bickett

I’ve spent the summer interning at Finney Farm in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountain Range in Concrete, Washington.


Paris, France Les Trophées Solidaires

Written By: 

Seth Kaplan

          My official job here in Paris, France, the supposed reason for which I am here, or perhaps rather, the official excuse I can give for spending 3 months in the City of Light, is as an intern at Les Trophées Solidaires, a tiny non-for-profit in the domain of solidarity headquartered in Paris’ 20th arrondissement at the residence of the vice president, Marthe Lemelle.


The Essence of Volunteering

Written By: 

Brendon Deal

The Iwate Ginga Net project has been ongoing for several years, beginning almost immediately after the tsunami disaster in March 2011. Designed to both assist the people in the area with reconstruction and day to day life, with an increasing emphasis on cultural restoration as time went on, and additionally provide college students with experience in volunteer work and the opportunity to make a difference for school credit.


Update Aus Washington: The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Written By: 

Soleil Sykes

Sometimes you can read an article or listen to a radio story to learn about an issue. But nothing compares to actually engaging in the issues and events that shape today’s global world. The Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) Office in Washington, D.C. exists for precisely that purpose.


Officially a Divemaster!

Written By: 

Catalina La Mers-Noble

Holding my mask and regulator in place with one hand, and placing the other across my stomach to protect my weight belt from falling, I roll backwards out of our dive boat.  My body dissolves into the water as I watch the boat momentarily disappear before popping back to the surface and giving the boat captain the okay.  Once our whole dive group is in the water we begin to descend into the blue. 


Workplace Fairness and Employment Rights: Learning Law Experientially

Written By: 

Michelle Fujii

 Interning at a Law Firm in NYC
For my first co-op at Antioch college, I headed to New York to work at a law firm called Outten & Golden, as a paralegal intern. My job is to help the paralegals, who in turn, are the ones who help the attorneys do their job. The attorneys at Outten & Golden advocate for workplace fairness and employee rights for workers in New York as well as throughout the nation.


Dogs With Places to Be: Hannah Priscilla Craig at La Biblioteca Interactiva at Fundación Arte Del Mundo

Written By: 

Hannah Priscilla Craig

The streets are filled with vendors selling beans and corn tostada, people convincing tourists to buy fake alpaca sweaters and colorful fishing pants, and the garbage of Ritz crackers, Coca-Cola, and slew of other trash-snacks produced by corporate moguls who have gotten their hands on the small but fierce country of Ecuador. But the most consistent presence in the streets is dogs—dogs of every shape, size, color, texture, weight, and level of energy. And they all have someplace to be.


Perennial Polyculture at the Land Institute: Changing the Way We Do Agriculture

Written By: 

Lauren Gjessing

After visiting The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas this summer with a group of my classmates I was inspired to head back to do my winter co-op there and play a little part in working towards their mission.  The Land Institute is a non-profit ecological agricultural research organization.