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Antioch College is a place where new and better ways of living are discovered through rigorous study and experiential learning. 

Antioch students graduate with a healthy resume, solid work experience, a fascinating story of adventure, and an ability to apply what they've learned in a real world context. Here are our stories.


Go Ask Yourself: Questions in Art and Life by Hannah Priscilla Craig

When I was little, I used to get so annoyed when my mom answered my questions with questions. She was so eloquent about subtly getting me to ask myself the question I asked her to presumably to get me to learn more about whatever the subject was and maybe even answer the question myself. No matter if it helped in my development process, the whole thing still annoys the heck out of me. But, this week I realized that I am required to do the same exact thing for my job–make people answer their own questions. Thanks, Mom. You’re super good at preparing me for my future.


Amelia Gonzales '17 at Lincoln Park Village, Chicago

Lincoln Park Village is located on the North side of Chicago, IL with Lake Michigan only a ten minute walk away. The Village is a non-for-profit grassroots organization that seeks the betterment of adults ages 50+ from their own homes. Along the with many member-driven programs, the Village is volunteer based. In just a short span of 5 years the Village has grown to over 380 members. It is truly a benefit to serve an organization that seeks the betterment of local communities through valuing each individual regardless of the age. Here's an overview:


Nature's Kennel Sled Dog Adventures: Just Like a Dorm

Dale Kondracki '17  and Wren Holden '17 spent this past spring in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, training sled dogs for the Iditerod. Here is what Dale has to say:  This Co-op I am working at Nature’s Kennel, a dog race and touring Kennel in MacMillan, Michigan. My position is a caretaker, mostly, but it varies from what needs to get done. I enjoy it. The kennel is set up in three rows, each row with 48 homes. The rows are split in half and then numbered 1-6. Looking at the set-up, it is pretty easy to compare the kennel to a college dorm.              


Chroma Technology Quality Control Intern Roland Scaife

I am a Quality Control Intern at Chroma Technology in Bellows Falls, Vermont. Chroma is an employed owned company that manufactures glass filters that are shipped all over the world to be used in various forms, such as in microscopic and telescopic research, allowing researchers to use the filters to distinguish regions in their observations. Chroma offers a variety of filters, and promises the customer that as long as they understand the science behind the product that it will meet expectations or their money back.


Chroma Technology Communications Intern Keenan Grundy

Where else to start on this river ride of introspection than by stating clearly, firmly and loudly, “Chroma has been a blast!” I have not felt this impending sense of liberation, achievement, and exuberant spunk in quite some time. Why impending, you ask. Well, it’s due to the nature of the position Chroma holds as “The First” within this new journey of mine. The first Co-Op. The first experience as a truly independent entity. The first step on a journey which I am now ever more sure will contain an abundance of the above three qualities.


Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center: So good you don't want to leave

Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center has been a favorite co-op of Antioch students for many years.  We were thrilled to re-establish this long partnership this past spring, when Izzy Bausch arrived to work as a para-professional educator. Upon their arrival, they were surprised to find another Antiochian employee.  Russ Warshaw, '90, arrived for his co-op at Crotched Mountain in the late 1980's and is still there. Says Russ,  "I planned on doing a co-op and ended up making my career at Crotched Mountain."


The Antioch Word: Wyatt Souers '17 at WYSO Public Radio

I am on my first co-op right now with public radio station WYSO, the station is owned by 
Antioch and is across the street from the college. The mission of WYSO is to serve the 
community “with news, information, and entertainment to encourage dialog, understanding, and 
engagement.” WYSO broadcasts NPR, BBC, and also has daily programming run by staff 
members as well as volunteers. The station was originally created in 1959 by Antioch College 

Salt, Shrimp, and Science: Rian Lawrence '17 at the Jordan River/Farmington Bay Water Quality Council

Salt, Shrimp, and Science: Rian Lawrence '17 at the Jordan River/Farmington Bay Water Quality Council

I am a water quality research intern under the Jordan River/Farmington Bay Water Quality Council. I am from Utah and had this internship the summer before I came to Antioch, and returned to this internship for co-op. The Water Quality Council is performing a 20-year long study on the water quality of the Great Salt Lake and its tributaries. I am paid through South Davis Sewer District because the funding for the project comes from a consortium of sewer districts.

The Young Curators at their ice cream social

Addison Nace '17 on the SITE Santa Fe contemporary art space

For the past couple of months, I have been immersed in work as an Education and Outreach Intern of SITE Santa Fe, a contemporary art museum dedicated to the production and presentation of artistic and curatorial innovation. The Education Department there strives to make contemporary art accessible to everyone in the Santa Fe community as well as to explore contemporary art and from multiple perspectives with an international emphasis. I have had the unique opportunity of interning during the end of one exhibition and during the process of displaying another.