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Antioch College is a place where new and better ways of living are discovered through rigorous study and experiential learning. 

Antioch students graduate with a healthy resume, solid work experience, a fascinating story of adventure, and an ability to apply what they've learned in a real world context. Here are our stories.


Dogs With Places to Be: Hannah Priscilla Craig at La Biblioteca Interactiva at Fundación Arte Del Mundo

Written By: 

Hannah Priscilla Craig

The streets are filled with vendors selling beans and corn tostada, people convincing tourists to buy fake alpaca sweaters and colorful fishing pants, and the garbage of Ritz crackers, Coca-Cola, and slew of other trash-snacks produced by corporate moguls who have gotten their hands on the small but fierce country of Ecuador. But the most consistent presence in the streets is dogs—dogs of every shape, size, color, texture, weight, and level of energy. And they all have someplace to be.


Perennial Polyculture at the Land Institute: Changing the Way We Do Agriculture

Written By: 

Lauren Gjessing

After visiting The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas this summer with a group of my classmates I was inspired to head back to do my winter co-op there and play a little part in working towards their mission.  The Land Institute is a non-profit ecological agricultural research organization. 


Solar Power and Light, the Antioch Solar Array and Co-op

Written By: 

Alex Rolland

This coop I’ve been employed at Solar Power & Light, a solar developer based out of Miamisburg, Ohio. SP&L is a spin-off company of Inc started in 2010. Despite their recent appearance on the solar stage, they have hit the green scene running and made momentous accomplishments for their age in residential and commercial solar. Currently SP&L manages the 25th largest solar array in the state--the 1 megawatt solar array at Antioch College--and is constantly looking to expand into both other facets of solar as well as increase their presence nation wide.


Contemplating Education

Written By: 

Perin Ellsworth-Heller

For my second Antioch co-op experience I have had the privilege to work at two incredible educational institutions; one being the Cambridge Friends School (CFS) and the other Paraclete Academy, an after school tutoring and enrichment program.


Habitat for Humanity

Written By: 

Nate Meehan

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that works to provide decent, affordable housing to millions of homeowners in need all over the world. The organization is run by Habitat for Humanity International, but consists of local chapters all over the world which work with a large degree of autonomy to provide housing in their communities. The specific chapter that I am working with on my co-op is Habitat for Humanity: Greater Orlando.


The Power of One Health

Written By: 

Melissa Rudie

The Power of One Health
“Between animal and human medicine, there is no dividing line – nor should there be” ~ Rudolf Virchow (a father of modern medicine). This co-op I have taken these words to heart and I held an internship at an animal clinic and at a county hospital.


New Zealand Whole House Reuse

Written By: 

Jane Foreman

This quarter, Selena Wilkinson ’17 and I are working for the Whole House Reuse project in Christchurch, New Zealand. Whole House Reuse, a project facilitated by Rekindle, aims to make visible the amount of waste occurring throughout the Canterbury region as buildings are demolished and rebuilt after Christchurch’s now-famous earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. How is Whole House Reuse making waste visible?


Artistic Skill, Creative Work, and Art Philosophy in Phoenix

Written By: 

Tatiana Benally '16

Throughout my co-op I have been working with artists Averian Chee and Jeff Slim of the Black Sheep Art Collective in Phoenix. Recently, each artist had an art opening to prepare for, so I helped on many different aspects of the show. I helped each artist market the show by writing about it, creating the fliers, and publicizing the event through various social networks and community spaces. Aside from these two separate shows there were other marketing and publicity projects.  I helped develop a presence in the city by helping make prints and screen printing shirts.