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Antioch College is a place where new and better ways of living are discovered through rigorous study and experiential learning. 

Antioch students graduate with a healthy resume, solid work experience, a fascinating story of adventure, and an ability to apply what they've learned in a real world context. Here are our stories.


Kaleigh Harris '15 In The Field With Alumna Sarah Silliman '01

Sarah Silliman '01 and I met in her Brooklyn home on a beautiful Monday morning. She made us coffee and we drank it and talked in her sunny backyard. She asked what my itinerary for the day was, and when I told her I was going to see Shelby Chestnut '06 afterwards, she said "I know Shelby! I see her on the train." It's funny that even Antiochians who may not have gone to school together know one another and stay in touch. 


Ryann Patrus '15 at Melodic Connections: Empowerment Through Music

 I have been working at an organization called Melodic Connections. This organization provides music therapy to individuals with disabilities. They aim to provide this therapy at low to no cost to the clients they serve. Working in this environment has had a profound impact on my life and career path.


Kaleigh Harris '15 In The Field With Alumnus Viktor Maco '06

The D.C. metropolitan area has notoriously bad traffic that I hadn't anticipated, so I was late to lunch with Viktor Maco '06 and his girlfriend and their daughter. We ate delicious Indian food, and then took a stroll to a nearby café. We sat down and drank multiple cups of coffee each while my dog, Rufus, barked at passersby. 


Experiential Learning in the Ohio Agrarian Trade Program: Mark Brimmeier '17 at Young's Jersey Dairy

Antioch College students bring small batch Ohio food products to market through the Ohio Agrarian Trade Partnership at Antioch College. Supported by the Ohio Board of Regents, the initiative supports student labor on farms, in small businesses, and organizations throughout Ohio. Read more here.


Rachel Humphreys '17, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio

For my co-op, I am working as an Education Intern for Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region. PPSWO is the leading provider of reproductive health care, education, and advocacy in Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. The Education department serves as a valuable resource and makes a lasting impact across the region, consistently furthering their mission “to provide human sexuality education which enhances the health and well-being of individuals in the community.”


Ciana Ayenu '17, CASA, San Francisco

CASA (Children’s After School Arts) is an after school art program in San Francisco for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. The students who attend CASA go to an alternative public elementary school called Rooftop, where the program is held. CASA helps children reach their full creative potential through art, music, and performance. The program is extremely effective in helping children maximize their self-esteem and self-expression.
Learn more about CASA here!


Hollywood Detox Center by Katherine Schule '17

The mission of Hollywood Detox Center is to help people rid their bodies and minds of harmful substances and help them build the perseverance to constantly battle their addictions. Through hard work and simple kindness, my coworkers, bosses, and I change people’s lives in a positive way. My employer also helps teach addicts about how addiction is actually a disease and guides them in rehabilitation with this in mind. I have had the honor to witness and actually provide assistance in some amazing recoveries.
Definition of addiction


Tymber Compher '17 at Good Humus Farm

Good Humus, located in the sunny Capay Valley of California, is both a farm and a business. Those who work at Good Humus become immersed in a beautiful and sustainable community where people not only gain much from their harvests, but also have an obvious respect and love for the land. Jeff and Annie Main are the owners of the beautiful farm. Besides the six workers employed on their farm, Jeff and Annie are the sole workers on the farm. They manage everything and anything. Jeff can usually be found in the fields, working with the guys.


Kaleigh Harris '15 In The Field With Alumnus Niko Kowell '08

Niko Kowell '08 currently works at TRANS: THRIVE in San Francisco, California. I met with him after interviewing Michael Bare '02 just around the corner from Niko's office (which had the vibe of a place where somebody works a lot). On a chair was a pile of boxes full of pasta packages. "You like pasta?" I asked him. He told me that it wasn't necessarily that he had a particular fondness for pasta, but that the kitchen was full and he was keeping food in his office for clients of TRANS: THRIVE.